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Contact details of the Director and the Chair of the board can be found at the page Administration.

Regional centres

1. Central Finland LUMA Centre (Jyväskylä)
2. LUMA Centre Aalto (Espoo)
3. LUMA Centre Lapland (Rovaniemi)
4. LUMA Centre of Central Ostrobothnia (Kokkola)
5. LUMA Centre of Ostrobothnia (Vaasa)
6. LUMA Centre of Southwestern Finland (Turku)
7. LUMA Centre of the University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu)
8. LUMA Centre of the University of Oulu (Oulu)
9. LUMA Centre Päijänne Tavastia (Lahti)
10. LUMA Centre Saimaa (Lappeenranta)
11. LUMA Centre Åbo Akademi (Turku)
12. Tampere LUMATE Centre (Tampere)
13. University of Helsinki Science Education Centre (Helsinki)

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