Welcome to the LUMA Centre of the University of Helsinki

LUMA Centre1 of the University of Helsinki has been supporting inspiring, high-quality formal and non-formal STEM learning and teaching in Finland with its collaboration partners since 2003. The centre operates through different departments of the university.

The centre belongs to the ‘LUMA Centre Finland‘ which is a national network of different LUMA Centres at universities around Finland. The network strengthens and advances the operation and co-operation of all these centres – in Finland and on the international level – according to a single, shared strategy.

The goals of the all activities organized by LUMA Centres are high level of scientific literacy and knowledge of STEM and sufficient number of skilled experts in the STEM fields.

To reach these goals the centres

  • inspire and encourage 3–19-year-old children and youths to pick up STEM as a hobby, in their studies and also as a career,
  • support and encourage both current and future teachers and instructors at all levels from kindergarten to university in teaching STEM subjects and in the development and upkeep of their expertise and ability to inspire students throughout their careers
  • increase awareness among the general population about the significance of STEM subjects to the well-being of the individual, the society and the environment

In practice this happens through various activities, like

  • science clubs, camps, events, webzines and other activities for children and youth,
  • pre-service and in-service training for teachers, and interactive online web portals including videos and other materials as well as science classes and laboratories that support teachers in their work,
  • research on the teaching of mathematics and natural sciences and on the effectiveness of LUMA activities, and the development of the activities based on the research, and
  • collaboration with decision-makers and media, and especially with other active partners in the field.

1 LU stands for ‘luonnontieteet’, natural sciences in Finnish, and MA for mathematics.

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