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International Millennium Youth Camp

Since 2010, the world famous Millennium Youth Camp has been held in Finland to bring together gifted youth from all around the world for a camp they will never forget.

The aim of the unique Millennium Youth Camp is to increase the youth’s interest towards natural sciences, mathematics, and technology, as well as to spread information on Finnish expertise and innovations, and familiarize the campers with the study and career opportunities in Finland. The goal is that the youth network with each other and with Finnish science experts. By being accepted to the camp, campers will also be accepted to study in University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Science.

The camp is divided into ten theme-groups, which are; Applied Mathematics, Bioscience and biotechnology, Climate and Climate change, Energy, ICT and Digitalisation, Food Sciences and Food Technology, Material Sciences and Material Technology, Renewable Natural Resources, Urban Planning and Water. Based on a two-phased application process, 60 talented 16 to 19-year-old youth are chosen to participate in the camp.

During the camp, the talented youth visit universities and companies in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, work on science projects in the ten theme groups, and meet with the Millennium Technology Prize Laureates. The week culminates in the gala, where the campers present their projects and get feedback from the experts from the science community and industries.

This unforgettable time at the Millennium Youth Camp is free of charge for the campers and is made possible by the camps main organizers: LUMA Centre of the University of Helsinki, Technology Academy Finland (TAF), and Aalto University, School of Science, partnering with universities and global companies.

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