LUMA Centre Finland

We are a science education network of Finnish universities. Our aim is to inspire and motivate children and youth into mathematics, science and technology (STEM). To achieve our goal, we develop new methods and activities of science and technology education based on research. Furthermore, we support the life-long learning of teachers working on all levels of education from the early childhood to universities, and strengthen the development of research-based teaching.


  • Register now for the LUMAT Research Symposium and Summer School 2021
    The 11th LUMAT Research symposium will be organized on 9-10.6.2021 by LUMAT Science Research Forum. Preceding that, we organize a Summer school on 8th of June. Both events will be organized online. Register now for the both events by filling this form. Engagement through modern technologies The theme of this year’s LUMAT Research Symposium is … Read more
  • LUMAT special issue discusses STEAM in education
    The special issue “Promoting STEAM in education” has now been published in the LUMAT journal. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art/aesthetics/architecture/all and mathematics) has been an increasingly popular approach in education. However, what it entails theoretically and practically, is still unclear.  To address the challenges of the 21st century skills, there is a need to educate … Read more
  • Register now for a climate change -themed virtual event for teachers and the youth
    International climate education event Towards Sustainable Future Together – Forum for Future Makers is organized by The Science Education Centre (a part of national LUMA Centre Finland) and Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR). The online event combines two of our yearly events which will be held online due to the coronavirus situation: … Read more
  • New online book on national and international LUMA science education: Best solutions and models for a good future
    How to inspire future factors to study mathematics, science and technology? How to support skilled teachers and prospective teachers in their important work? How to build a good and sustainable future in a community-based and research-based way?   Among other things, these questions will be answered in a new online book describing national and international … Read more