The aim of the LUMA Centre Finland — a network of Finnish universities — is to inspire and motivate children and youth into mathematics, science and technology through the latest methods and activities of science and technology education. The aim is also to support the life-long learning of teachers working on levels of education from early childhood to universities, and strengthen the development of research-based teaching.

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Current Affairs

New LUMA-program starts: LUMA2020 is about doing together, learning and inspiring

LUMA2020 program, funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, starts this autumn in all LUMA Centre Finland’s LUMA … Read more

Developing skills for the future: Science on Stage Festival 2019

At the European Science on Stage Festival 2019, 450 teachers will be working together to shape the science education of … Read more

Teach­ers dis­sem­in­ate the latest cli­mate research around the world

How to talk about climate change to pupils in school? In early August, 30 teachers from more than 20 countries … Read more

The winners of the international awards of StarT 2019: China, Lithuania, Jordan, Portugal and Finland

The International LUMA StarT Gala took place on the 6th of June 2019. The LUMA Centre Finland awards annually three internationally … Read more

LUMA Centre Finland received 75,000 EUR from Zontians for organizing ZAU clubs

The Zonta organization raises funds for ZAU Clubs with the aim to inspire young girls to study science-, technology-, engineering- … Read more

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