International LUMAT Symposium 2018

Tampere, Finland, June 5th – 6th, 2018

General enquiries:

Warmly Welcome!

LUMA Centre Finland has the honour and pleasure to invite you to Tampere, Finland, from 5th to 6th June 2018, to the International LUMAT Symposium: Research and Practice in Math, Science and Technology Education (LUMAT) 2018.

We welcome math, science and technology teachers from all educational levels, prospective teachers, teacher educators and researchers, developers and other experts in math, science and technology education to attend this symposium to share ideas on math, science and technology education and to discuss new developments in the field.

The language of the symposium is English.


LUMAT 2018 is organized at the same time as National LUMA Days for Finnish teachers etc., so the programme is partly the same. For example, the Finnish National and International StarT Gala on Tue 5th June is also part of the programme.

More information

  • ICT is utilized in many sessions, so BYOD, Bring Your Own Device.
  • Please note that the programme is not available in paper form at the venue.
  • You can share new ideas, feelings etc. in social media with @lumasuomi and #LUMAT2018.


The online registration closes on May, 25th. (You can register at the information/registration desk at the venue, too.)

You can choose the sessions you would like to attend at the venue.

There are no registration/participation fees.


The symposium takes place at the Main campus of the University of Tampere, in the center of the city of Tampere, Finland.

The information/registration desk is located at the lobby of the Pinni B building (address: Kanslerinrinne 1).

The coffee point of the symposium will provide participants with free coffee all day.

You can enjoy breakfast, lunch etc. at your own cost in the Minerva restaurant.

There are car parking places for example at the Technopolis building (on the other side of the Kanslerinrinne street).


Useful information about the city of Tampere:

Useful information about Finland:

Please note that the LUMA Centre Finland is not able to provide any grants for traveling to the symposium.


Proceedings of the LUMAT 2018 will be published as a special issue in the LUMAT-B journal.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts through the journal’s website will be September 30th, 2018.

More information about preparing manuscripts and submission of them can be found at the journal’s website.

N.B. In addition, the authors of the best articles in the special issue are invited to submit a manuscript for an extended article to be published in the theme issues of the reviewed LUMAT journal in 2019 and 2020.

Organized in Collaboration

The symposium is organized by the LUMA Centre Finland.

Scientific Committee

Programme Planning Committee

  • Director of the LUMA Centre Finland, Prof. Dr. Maija Aksela, University of Helsinki (Chair)
  • Administrative support for the director of the LUMA Centre Finland, Lauri Vihma, University of Helsinki (Secretary)
  • Executive Director of the Tampere LUMATE Centre Susanna Petäjistö, Tampere University of Technology
  • Coordinator of the Tampere LUMATE Centre Laura Salkonen, Tampere University of Technology
  • StarT Project Manager Outi Haatainen, University of Helsinki


The hotels listed below have a room quota or special price for participants of the LUMAT 2018. (See the map above for the locations of the hotels.)

The room reservation has to be made directly to the hotel, via their website, by email or by phone. Please remember to include the given booking code when making the reservation.

There might be some changes to the room prices shown on this page. (The LUMA Centre Finland / the University of Helsinki, the Tampere University of Technology or the University of Tampere do not take responsibility over the changes done after the room quota was agreed on.) Please note that the quota in some hotel might be full by the time you are making the reservation.

Please also note that all the quotas/special prices have dates on when the booking has to be made by and after that date there is no guarantee you will be able to reserve a room in that hotel.

The room fee is paid directly to the hotel.

The LUMA Centre Finland / the University of Helsinki, the Tampere University of Technology or the University of Tampere can not provide any grants for accommodation.

Scandic Group

Quotas available

June 4th to 6th 2018

Hotel quotas and prices

Hotel Cumulus City Koskikatu Tampere; new name since March 20th: Scandic Tampere Koskipuisto
Koskikatu 5, 33100 Tampere

Reserved total 80 standard rooms for one / two

Accommodation prices:

128 EUR / day / single standard room
143 EUR / day / double standard room

The accommodation includes breakfast, sauna and Internet access.

Hotel Holiday Inn Tampere – Central Station
Rautatienkatu 21, 33100 Tampere

Reserved total 80 standard rooms for one / two

Accommodation prices:

128 EUR / day / single standard room
143 EUR / day / double standard room

The accommodation includes breakfast, sauna and Internet access.

Prices include VAT in force at the time of the bid. If we change the VAT percentages or other taxes to be charged for the services provided, we reserve the right to change the prices of the services according to the offer accordingly.


The guests reserve their rooms with the code LUMA-päivät.

Bookings shall be made to the hotel.


Room rates are valid on availability until May 4, 2018. 50% of the uncharged rooms will be released for free sale 60 days before the event.

Additional Services

Our partners offer a wide range of wellness and entertainment programs that bring new energies and energies to your meeting.

Payment method

As a payment method we accept cash, debit card or credit card. Payment must be made on site.

Billing is only possible, if the customer has a valid billing agreement with the hotel company. In that case, the payment period is 14 days. Penalty interest is 12%.

S Group

Quota available

June 5th to 6th, 2018

Hotel quotas and prices

Original Sokos Hotel Ilves
Hatanpään valtatie 1, 33100 Tampere
Tel 020 1234 631
Fax 03 5698 6263

80 pcs Standard single or double room
(Twin beds)

Standard single room 130 € / day
Standard 2-bed room 150 € / day

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere
Ratapihankatu 43, 33100 Tampere
Tel 020 1234 634

30 Single or Double Rooms (Solo)
(some of the rooms have double and twin beds)

Single room for 1 person 140 € / day
Solo double room 160 € / day

Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer
Satakunnankatu 14, 33100 Tampere
Radisson Blu Central Sales Service
telephone: 020 1234 700 / individual room reservations
fax: 020 1234 742

30 Single Room Standard or Double Room
(5 rooms with twin beds and 25 rooms with double bed)

Standard Single Room 140 € / day
Standard Double Room 160 € / day

Room rates include breakfast and a guest lounge.

Room rates include a valid VAT at the time of the offer. If VAT is subject to change, we reserve the right to raise prices.

Room rates include the S-card’s service benefits. Room rates are net and do not include commissions for travel agents or other third parties.


Each guest will book their room directly from the hotel or the Sokos Hotels Sales Service.

The special price is applied when the code LUMA-päivät is mentioned when booking.

When booking a double room, please indicate the names of both guests.

Provisions for the quota shall be made by the deadline of the quota (April 10th, 2018), after which the unannounced rooms will be released for the rest of the hotel.

Special rates are not valid if booking is made after the agreed deadline (April 10th, 2018). After the expiry of the quota, the price of the day is applied.

Payment method

Each guest will pay for their accommodation directly to the hotel by cash, bank or credit card.


Room reservations can be made to the Sokos Hotels Sales Service
Open Mon-Fri 08.00 – 20.00
Tel 020 1234 600
Fax 020 1234 647

or directly to the reception of the hotel


Sokos Hotel Ilves has a parking garage. The charge for a one-day 24-hour parking is 21 €, hourly charge of 2 € / hour (prices not included). Reservations can not be booked in advance. The parking fee will be paid at the cash dispenser of the car park or at the reception.

Near Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere, there is parking in P-Tullintori, with a daily charge of hotel guests of 21 € (price not included). Daily charging does not require continuous parking. Reservations can not be booked in advance. A daily parking fee is charged at the hotel reception, a short-term parking fee for the car park at the car park. Max height 2.20 m.

Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer‘s yard has 8 parking spaces (2 € / h – 18 € / day). Places can not be booked in advance. The Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer has an agreement with the Frenckell parking garage. The Frenckell’s parking garage is located opposite the hotel, within walking distance of 200 meters. The daily price for hotel guests is 20 €. A parking ticket from the booth is provided at the reception at the time of payment.

Call for Presentations

We welcome thought-provoking, engaging and innovative presentations for the LUMAT 2018.

Tracks (Strands)

The theme tracks for the LUMAT 2018 are

  1. Design-based research (DBR) in math, science and technology education
  2. Information and communications technology (ICT) in math, science and technology education

Types of presentations

Each presentation includes a short, lively introduction to the topic (ca. 10 minutes) as well as discussion with the audience (ca. 15 minutes).

Virtual presentations or poster presentations are not possible at LUMAT 2018.


Proposals must be submitted via the online submission form. Your successful submission will be confirmed automatically via email (if you type your email correctly).

The submission deadline is March 4th, 2018.

No more than two proposals may be submitted per individual. You may have up to one co-presenter. His/her contact information must be included in your online submission.

Be sure to write a clear and concise presentation description that specifies what the audience will learn. The word limit is 300 words.

Selection of the proposals

Members of the committee review proposals that meet submission requirements.

Selection criteria include:

  • A clearly written session description that offers new ideas, tools or strategies for the audience
  • Contribution of the content to the overall balance of the LUMAT 2018

All proposers will be notified via email by March 7th, 2018.


See below.


The LUMA Centre Finland does not pay presenters or cover their travel expenses.