LUMAT Science Research Forum

LUMAT Science Research Forum aims to improve the quality, effectiveness, and visibility of the Finnish science education research. This is achieved by developing and deepening the dialogue and research collaboration among the universities, faculties and research groups.

  1. LUMAT Research Seminars
  2. LUMAT Summer School
  3. LUMAT Journal
  4. LUMAT Symposium
  5. Upcoming events
  6. Advisory board
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The aims are:

  1. Promoting math, science and technology education through multidisciplinary research in the LUMA ecosystem
  2. Fostering national and international collaboration
  3. Progressing funding opportunities
  4. Progressing research careers of young researchers
  5. Influencing LUMA education policy and practice in Finland

LUMAT Research Forum develops, supports, and participates in projects that progress the quality, effectiveness, and visibility of the Finnish science education research through the forum`s aims.

LUMAT Science Research Forum projects are described by multidisciplinarity, collaboration, and openness. Projects are addressing such research problems in science education which require exceeding traditional science and faculty expertise and research barriers. Projects aim to find and collaborate with the best national actors and international partners. Each project consist of researchers from at least two universities and research groups, and possibilities to expand collaboration are actively progressed. Projects and their aims are described in web pages to support openness and to progress collaboration between different projects and research groups.

Apply as a member of the forum through this google form.

LUMAT Science Research Forum in practice:

LUMAT Research seminars

  • researchers, and students (master and doctoral) can present their research, and get feedback
  • research, such as research methods, are discussed about
  • other practices and discussion topics according to participants` needs and interests
  • is held online
  • presenters can reserve their presentation time in this google spreadsheet

International LUMAT Summer School

  • builds collaboration between researchers, doctoral students and teachers
  • promotes discussion and quality of research
  • brings people together
  • is held annually (late spring/early summer)

International LUMAT Journal

  • double peer-reviewed journal on math, science, and technology education
  • published by LUMA Centre Finland throughout the year (also special issues are published 1-2/year)
  • ranked as JUFO 1 in the Finnish Publication Forum rating
  • no publication fees

International LUMAT symposium

  • gathers researchers and doctoral students worldwide to present and discuss about current research in math, science, and technology education
  • acknowledges traditional research presentations, as well as new and inspiring methods to collaborate and discuss about research, such as debates
  • is held annually (late spring/early summer)

Upcoming events:

  • Research seminar on 9.4 at 15-17 through ZOOM (link will be provided later)
  • LUMAT Summer School virtually in 1-2.6.2020.
  • LUMAT symposium virtually in 3-5.6.2020.
  • LUMAT special issue on summer school and symposium in December (call for special issue coming in June)

Advisory board:

  • chair, professor, Dr. Maija Aksela, LUMA Centre Finland, University of Helsinki
  • secretary, Dr. Jaana Herranen, LUMA Centre Finland, University of Helsinki
  • university lecturer Dr. Veli-Matti Vesterinen, vice chair, president of the Finnish Mathematics and Science Education Research Association, University of Turku
  • university lecturer Dr. Johannes Pernaa, managing editor of LUMAT journal, University of Helsinki
  • senior university lecturer Dr. Mervi Asikainen, University of Eastern Finland
  • dean, university lecturer, Dr. Sari Harmoinen, University of Oulu
  • associate professor, Dr. Vesa Hytönen, Tampere University
  • university lecturer, Dr. Markus Hähköniemi, University of Jyväskylä
  • university lecturer, Dr. Anu Laine, University of Helsinki
  • professor, Dr. Jari Lavonen, University of Helsinki
  • professor, Dr. Jan Lundell, University of Jyväskylä
  • associate professor, Dr. Terhi Mäntylä, University of Jyväskylä
  • post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Johanna Naukkarinen, LUT University


  • director, prof. Maija Aksela, HY, LUMA Centre Finland
  • research coordinator, Jaana Herranen, HY, LUMA Centre Finland (