New LUMA-program starts: LUMA2020 is about doing together, learning and inspiring

LUMA2020 program, funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, starts this autumn in all LUMA Centre Finland’s LUMA Centers all across Finland. The aim is to develop formal education from early childhood education to upper secondary education, as well as science related free time opportunities and technology education activities for children, youth and their families. The program will also support continuous professional development of teachers from early childhood education to higher education through new project learning models and practices. A steering group set up by the Ministry of Education and Culture manages the LUMA2020 program.

A total of 161 learning communities were selected for LUMA2020 program. In these learning communities are formal learning communities such as kindergartens, schools and vocational schools, but also leisure learning communities such as hobby schools. All selected learning communities are presented on the program website.

One of the aims of the program is to disseminate materials and best practices from previous development programs. The best practices and operating models of the LUMA Suomi development program, LUMATIKKA and the StarT-program are collected under four different themes. The themes are Sustainable Development (including Climate Change, Circular Economy), Mathematics Around Us (including Art, Economics and Statistics), Technology Around Us (including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics) and My LUMA (an optional theme that links to STEAM subjects). The aim is to support the work of teachers in implementing the new natural core curriculum. The program provides tools for e.g. to support project-based learning, multidisciplinary learning and different learning communities.

The LUMA2020 program has two phases: a development phase and a dissemination phase. The results will include free online courses (MOOCs) and other virtual opportunities such as virtual clubs for all kindergartens and schools in Finland. The program will provide online education material for teacher and a number of regional meetings over the period 2019-2020. The program culminates with the 16th nationwide LUMA Days at Aalto University June 3 – June 5, 2020, when learning projects and learning communities are presented to the public.

Congratulations to all selected LUMA learning communities!

For more information:
Maija Aksela
Prof., LUMA2020 Program Director, LUMA Centre Finland Director, University of Helsinki

Oona Kiviluoto
Project Manager, LUMA2020 Program, LUMA Centre Finland