Welcome to an international summer school

Welcome to the first International LUMAT Research Summer School on 1–3.6.2020. Due to the corona situation, the summer school will be virtual and free of charge this year. Register by 31.3 at the latest.

The summer school is organized by LUMAT Science Research Forum within LUMA Centre Finland (national network of 11 Finnish universities) and Finnish Mathematics and Science Education Research Association. The summer school is part of LUMAT Symposium 2020.

The goal of the summer school is to reinforce collaboration amongst doctoral students, researchers, and teachers and future teachers of mathematics, science, and technology education and to discuss and learn about research according to participants` interests and needs. 

The program of the summer school will be planned by the organization committee taking the participants` wishes and needs into account. The program starts on 1.6 at 13.00 and ends 2.6 at 17.00. It continues 3.6 in LUMAT-symposium where the participants can present their research ideas in an assigned session. More detailed information about the program will be sent to participants on 15.4 at the latest. 

The summer school is led by an organizing committee: Professor Maija Aksela (director of LUMA Centre Finland and its research forum), Dr. Veli-Matti Vesterinen (president of the Finnish Mathematics and Science Education Research Association), Dr. Pasi Nieminen (vice president of the Finnish Mathematics and Science Education Research Association), Dr. Johannes Pernaa (managing editor of LUMAT journal) and, Dr. Jaana Herranen (the coordinator of LUMAT Science Research Forum).

Registration by 31.3.2020 through registration form. Please, register here. Jaana will answer all further inquiries about the summer school (jaana.herranen@helsinki.fi | +358 294 150 464). 

Warm welcome to LUMAT Research Summer School to learn together!

Maija Aksela, Veli-Matti Vesterinen, Pasi Nieminen, Johannes Pernaa, and Jaana Herranen