New online book on national and international LUMA science education: Best solutions and models for a good future

How to inspire future factors to study mathematics, science and technology? How to support skilled teachers and prospective teachers in their important work? How to build a good and sustainable future in a community-based and research-based way?
Among other things, these questions will be answered in a new online book describing national and international LUMA science education activities. A total of about one hundred people from the LUMA Center Finland network (11 universities and 13 centers) have participated in the design and production of the book.
High-level expertise is key for a good future. Knowledge of mathematics, science and technology plays a significant role in this. Strengthening competence and encouraging the study these subjects is the goal of science education in the LUMA Center Finland network, and now we want to open it more by publishing a new online book. Science belongs to everyone!
Since 2003, LUMA’s central operations have been systematically developed at the university level in Finland. In 2013, a national LUMA central network was opened by 11 universities to promote an important goal. Network includes 13 active LUMA centers. The collaborative and research-based network has a national mission given by the Ministry of Education and Culture, to which all universities and centers are committed. Together for a good and sustainable future!
Our new book contains five chapters: the first chapter presents the experiences of participants and specialists, the second chapter describes the best solutions and approaches to support future makers for a good and sustainable future, the third chapter opens up international activities and  learning community, and the fourth chapter introduces the LUMA network more thoroughly. The last chapter of the book culminates in research-based, collaborative development and research: How are these new solutions and approaches developed? What kind of topics are being researched and developed now and in the future? The network’s activities are based on research and strong interaction with the scientific community and external partners. The National LUMA Advisory Board has an important role to play.

Within the LUMA Network, we believe that the activities and innovations achieved during the past years deserve to be widely available to show the diversity how science education can be addressed in formal, non-formal and informal education to achieve “LUMA literacy” (science/STEM literacy) with joy and amazement.

Together we are more! (LUMA motto)