International StarT LUMA programme: A successful story from Jordania

Participating nations in the StarT programme met in Jordania in August. The director of the Ministry of Education awarded LUMA Centre Finland with a certification of collaboration with Jordania at the Jordan University. Since the year 2016 LUMA Centre Finland (11 universities and 13 centres) has organized the awarded international StarT LUMA programme. Over 70 countries have participated in it. More than 10 countries have been its official partners. A lot of joy for makers of the future!

Jordania has organized a successful StarT LUMA Jordania programme since the year 2018 – managed by the Innovation for Creativity Development Association (ICDA). This year they invited the director, professor Maija Aksela from the LUMA Centre Finland, to visit their award event at the University of Jordania, and their innovative camp for the best StarT LUMA participants in Jordania, at the German Jordan University. 

– The StarT LUMA model in Jordania is innovative and collaborative. Their talented students and teachers presented successful projects. Makers of the future in our hearts! We all are going to strengthen our collaboration in the near future. One dream is an international StarT LUMA science camp in Helsinki, next August before our LUMA days and Science on Stage event. Together we are more! says director and professor Maija Aksela from the University of Helsinki.

She is also grateful for a certification for LUMA Centre Finland regarding our collaboration that has lasted 5 years. 

The collaboration and partnership between the ICDA and LUMA Centre Finland, began after the association won the international grand prize for best educational practices in the LUMA StarT competition, for its project “Future Scientists National Program.”

Excellence in education

The recognition by LUMA Centre Finland served as an acknowledgment of this initiative and an incentive for the association to continue its efforts, adhering to global standards. This recognition extends to the association’s leadership, partners, students, schools, and teachers alike.

– What stands out in this collaboration is the unique formulation of excellent educational practices, built upon collaborative work, an integrated approach, and the STEAM approach, says Surayya Ayyad, chair for the ICDA.

A first StarT Ambassador certification of great collaboration and success was given to chair Surayya Ayyad by director Maija Aksela.
A first StarT Ambassador certification of great collaboration and success was given to chair Surayya Ayyad by director Maija Aksela.

Moreover, it encourages schools to delve into topics addressing global and national issues, fostering the creation of activities and projects involving students and teachers from various subjects, enhancing learning through projects and topics.

– This collaboration acted as a driving force for students and supervisors to explore global experiences and work according to international standards, cultivating a broad perspective to serve humanity, the country, and the world in these projects. Lastly, the focus is on 21st-century skills and sustainable development goals, explains Surayya Ayyad, chair for the ICDA.

Harnessing the creativity of young minds

The Future Scientists National Program competition was initially implemented at the Jordanian level, with aspirations to extend its reach to the Arab and international levels through collaboration with international partners.

– We firmly believe in collaborative work and the necessity of exposing our youth to global issues, working towards serving humanity and achieving a bright future by harnessing the potential, knowledge, and creativity of young minds, explains Surayya Ayyad.

The collaboration with LUMA Centre Finland provided a wonderful opportunity to work with a global professional initiative that operates with a high level of transparency, professionalism, and educational standards. This initiative is based on a robust educational system that has achieved outstanding global accomplishments. Operating according to these standards has bestowed us with significant experience in acquiring and sharing knowledge, contributing to the educational system and schools participating in the StarT competition. Specifically, our focus has been on integrating project-based teaching through the integrative approach.

Collaboration and solving global challenges together

A part of Surayya’s dreams of collaboration are that international cooperation would result in solving global challenges, through for example providing winning opportunities for collaborative projects between schools from Finland and Jordan.

–  These projects could address global issues such as sustainable development goals, climate change, renewable energy, and 21st-century skills.

StarT LUMA Programme

In the international StarT LUMA programme we aim to implement a new interdisciplinary and collaborative StarT way of working and thinking to schools. It is based on research and enforced by the newest core curriculum of Finland. StarT is operated by LUMA Centre Finland, which is a network of Finnish universities. We are working to ensure the high quality of science, technology, and mathematics teaching in Finland. Through StarT we also aim to encourage young people to take up an interest in science, technology, and mathematics and to strengthen their science skills.

The Innovation Development Association (ICDA) is a Jordanian voluntary cultural association founded in 2013, focusing on discovering, developing, and empowering the abilities of children and youth. Its motto is “Investing in Human”.                                                               

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