LUMA Centre Finland starts cooperation with Jordanian partner

The LUMA Centre Finland (LUMA) starts cooperation with Innovation for Creativity Development Association (ICDA), a Jordanian non-profit association concerned with the development of the capacities of children and youth through the provision of various academic, technical, social and educational services, especially in the areas of talent, creativity and innovation.

ICDA aimes also to improve students’ attitude towards science and supports their practices of scientific methodology, project-based life-long learning, critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. It also seeks to enable teachers, students, and supervisors to manage and conduct science, math and technology projects.

LUMA and ICDA have agreed to exclusively work on 2018–2022 on the following projects, namely, to

  1. set up pre-service and in-service training programs for science and math teachers in Jordan
  2. organize the Jordanian LUMA Camps, symposiums, and other training programs like innovation in electronics, chemical green industries, etc. for teachers and for students
  3. conduct research and publish it in collaboration with the LUMA Centre Finland
  4. set up the LUMA Centre Amman.