New ideas for chemistry education and teacher training from the latest issue of LUMAT-B

The latest issue of LUMAT-B contains 18 articles about the chemistry education research carried out at the University of Helsinki.

Chemistry teaching and learning is one of the areas of focus in research in the Department of Chemistry in the University of Helsinki. Research creates a base for supporting the understanding of chemistry and for the development of good-quality chemistry teaching from basic education to higher education and to teacher education. With the use of evidence-based teacher education in chemistry, we support chemistry teaching and its development communally.

In honor of the 15th Anniversary of the Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education in Department of Chemistry, the special issue is published LUMAT-B journal, where the research is presented.

In the articles, the central concepts of topics are described briefly, the benefits and challenges from the point of view of previous research and the writer’s own research and as well it is brought out, how teachers are able to exploit information in chemistry teaching. The writers of these articles are PhDs, who have graduated from the unit, and doctoral students.

The articles can be used freely in teaching, teacher training and research.

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Text: Maija Aksela.